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You already know that to build a more valuable enterprise and increase revenue, you have to work ON it, not IN. But you feel…


Registrations, Payroll, Licenses, Taxes, Customer Service, Operations, Employees, HR…the list never ends. 

We help get organized you crush your To Do lists.


Businesses take on a life of their own, and many business owners feel like they are drowning just and just keep their heads above water.

We throw you a life preserver.


Many business owners start their businesses to gain financial and time freedom. Instead, they become trapped by the company they created.

We hand you the keys to unlock your business potential.


Small business owners don't realize how much their relationships and health suffer until it is too late.

We help you discover yourself again.


Fear of failure can paralyze and stagnate business growth.

We help you gain confidence in your skills.


You can't tell your employees everything. Your friends and family care but give poor advice.

We offer an entire community of support.

Lets Get Started!


Get a business assessment and see if we are right for each other

It all starts with discovering where you are today. Get your free confidential business assessment. It only takes 10 minutes. If you want a greater self-awareness about your business and are willing to put in the effort, we can create meaningful change–together.


Work your customized Spark Consultation Action Plan

We develop a customized, actionable plan to make necessary changes and improvements to your business. Allowing you to work confidently, knowing your daily actions prioritize high-impact, value creation tasks.


Discover new growth 

Your hard work combined with our guidance will enable you to discover new personal and business horizons, whether it's realizing value through an exit, gaining freedom from your company, or building a more significant legacy.

You’re not alone. You’re in good company with us.

Hi, I'm BW. Having consulted with hundreds of small business owners and exiting multiple companies, I understand the challenges of owning and operating a growing business. 

One thing we've discovered for sure is that isolation, fear, and mindset keep so many owners from achieving their goals. Most owners are so involved in day-to-day operations and many other tasks that it can feel impossible to work on their business. They are caught in the owner's trap.

That's why we started FnxPearl – to make growing and realizing value from your company attainable. We believe in people who own great businesses. They change people's lives, their communities, and the world. Building and growing your business should not be agonizing. It should be an exciting journey!

To request a free, confidential business assessment today, let's chat about your challenges and find out how partnering with FnxPearl can help you reach your goals.

Brandon "BW" Mason FnxPearl